Fishing In Baja

Best SportFishing Times

Blue Marlin June-Dec
Striped Marlin Year Round
Sailfish April-Dec
Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) Year Round
Yellowfin Tuna Year Round
Wahoo June-Dec


BluemarlinBlue Marlin:
The largest of the billfish. Blue Marlin can be up to 1800 lbs. The Blue Marlin is noted for its resilience as a strong fighter.

StripedmarlinStriped Marlin
This Marlin has glowing vertical bands along its body. Found only in Pacific waters. Strong fish with great fight and often much aerial display.

Takes its name from the large dorsal fin which flares upwards resembling a sail. Noted for its fighting ability and airborne acrobatics.

Rooster fishRooster Fish
So named because of the dorsal fin resemblance to the comb on a roosters head. An easy fish to identify. Gives a good fight.

Found in warm waters worldwide, the Dorado is among the most colorful of the gamefish. It's hard fighting and gold-green and blue colors makes his fish most popular.

WahooWahoo (Ono)
is a gamefish known for its long hard runs at speeds up to 45 mph. Because of the limited number of wahoo caught, it is truly a trophy fish. This trophy is also noted for its beautiful vertical stripes.

Yellowfin TunaYellowfin Tuna (Ahi)
Although this fish is not amongst the larger gamefish in this area, the Yellowfin Tuna is definitely amongst the toughest as a game fish. Always gives a good hard long fight.