Fishing In Baja

The southern islands of the Sea of Cortez have a great diversity of fish and this area is often alluded to as having the "world's finest big game fishing". The avid sports fisherman will not be disappointed by the variety or the population of big game fish in these waters.

One of the main reasons for the attraction of bigGREAT CATCH OF MARLIN game fish to this region is the fact that the prevailing winds have the effect of forcing the surface waters offshore. This results in an upwelling of colder waters from below which is rich in nitrates, phosphates and other nutrients. The presence of these minerals allows plankton to flourish and this is the base food for many of these game fish.

The water temperature in the tropical waters in the sea of Cortez represent the most ideal environment for life on earth. Fish tend to be larger, more abundant and of greater variety.

Golden Cabrillo. Caught, kissed and returnedMuch of Baja's coastline is made up of rocky shores and reefs. This allows the smaller species of game fish to prosper where they are protected by these areas.

The major types of fish found here include Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish and Wahoo.

Best SportFishing Times

Blue Marlin June-Dec
Striped Marlin Year Round
Sailfish April-Dec
Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) Year Round
Yellowfin Tuna Year Round
Wahoo June-Dec

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What a Catch!
Definitely the one
that did not get away

Black Marlin caught in
Sea of Cortez during one
of our Game Fishing trips.

One day Ill grow up
to be a big fish in the

Black Marlin-Baja

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Good day out there

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